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Plast-o-fun by Sysmetric

The latest Plast-o-funTM event took place on Friday the 19th of October at Alon Hagalil in the Western Galilee.
Approximately 300 cyclists from the varying Israeli plastics industries took part in this event and thoroughly enjoyed the many courses offered (easy, 3 x intermediate and difficult) and the spectacular combination of wooded trails, hilly climbs and open fields. After a challenging and picturesque 3 hour ride the cyclists returned to the 4x4 Bike center at Alon HaGalil  where they were met by Druze hospitality including freshly baked Druze pitta bread, felafel and  Druze salads. Many thanks to Dror of the 4x4 Bike Center for hosting this great event!

 Plast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil Plast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil - Yaacov GozaniPlast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil - Itzhaki Livni Plast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil - Yiftach Aviram Plast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil - Yudele and Yaacov Gozani Plast-o-fun at Alon HaGalil - Sito

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