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Vision MES Software

Earn more from your production floor management software!

The Sysmetric “Vision MES” software is a family of modules encompassing advanced production floor management software for the plastics industry. Vision MES provides factory management with invaluable real time information on raw material dosing, material consumption and production rates in the production processes. The software includes comprehensive data acquisition and extensive report generation.

The Vision MES software integrates with the factory ERP to import and execute work orders and export all production data.

Vision MES Extrusion Module
Vision MES software for extrusion process control: The extrusion module of the Vision MES software manages and controls dosing units and provides line control. The software includes supervising and data acquisition of dosing machines for extruders.
Vision MES Injection Module
Vision MES software for injection process control: The InjMan module of the Vision MES software manages and controls production floors with plastic injection machines.
The software includes monitoring and data acquisition for injection molding plants and extensive report generation of all data.
Vision MES Silos Module
Vision MES software for silo material handling management: The Silos module of the Vision MES software is the Sysmetric’s silo control management software. The Silo module displays the content and quantity of the materials in the silos and documents all operations carried out on the silo system.
Vision MES Vacuum Module
Vision MES Vacuum module for vacuum control:
The Vacuum module of the Vision MES software provides a comprehensive view of the plant's vacuum system including vacuum lines status, hopper loaders status and vacuum pumps status.