Plastics Material Handling, Vision MES Software

Vision MES Silos ™
The Silos module of the Sysmetric Vision MES software is a software system for managing Sysmetric’s silo control systems. Whereas the silo control system offers basic control over filling the silos and low material level alarms, the Silo module offers the ability to see the content and quantity of the materials in the silos and to document all operations carried out on the silo system.


  • Accurate monitoring of material in silos
  • Written and schematic presentation of the material accumulated in each silo
  • “Full” and “Empty” silo indicators
  • Minimizes the risk of incorrect material loading
  • Load traceability for each silo
  • Full material history report for each silo test


  • Displays the loading source e.g. truck, big bag etc
  • Loading status
  • Loading history
  • Active batch calculations
  • Software can be installed in several plant computers at no additional cost
  • Easy addition of new silos to the modular system
  • Bi-directional communication with the plant ERP
  • Password protected software

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