Plastics Material Handling, Vision MES Software

Vision MES Vacuum module for vacuum control:
The Vacuum module of the Vision MES software provides a comprehensive view of the plant’s vacuum system including vacuum lines status, hopper loaders status and vacuum pumps status.
All Vision MES modules can integrate with the factory ERP to import and execute work orders and export production data.


  • Comprehensive view of vacuum lines status
  • Comprehensive view of hopper status
  • Comprehensive view of vacuum pump status
  • Easy addition of new hopper loaders to the modular system
  • Software can be installed on several plant computers at no additional cost


  • Schematic view of the relationship between hopper loaders and the vacuum lines
  • Shows the vacuum level if vacuum gauges are fitted
  • Displays vacuum levels if vacuum gauges are fitted
  • Password protected software


  • Displays pumps “Back-Up” status
  • Displays current hopper loader status e.g. off, under vacuum, queuing, out of order etc
  • Displays each vacuum pump status e.g working, not working, out of order)
  • Displays automatic filter and “Back-up” valves status

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