Solutions Cast & Calendaring

Cast and sheet extrusion lines pump the molten plastic through a flat die to take-of rolls that shapes and cool the melted plastic.

The sheet can be single or multi layer and can be either rolled or stacked as sheet.

Sysmetric products provide superior solutions for the different production stages.

  • Sysmetric has the best valued conveying and dosing systems that feeds each extruder with the accurate proportion of each ingredient.
  • Sysmetric’s layer control adjusts each extruder capacity to produce the right layer thickness along with the line speed.
  • Sysmetric’s full line control, integrates layer control, temperature tensions and practically anything that is on the line to one unified system.

Sysmetric’s special APS “Automatic Pilot Start-up" line control technique enables any operator to start-up even the most complicated line with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

This is complemented by our computer software that monitors and control full product recipe and produces superior integration with the whole factory.

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