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In general the injection molding factories can be characterized as an industry with a large number of machines that require relatively low material consumption for each injection machine.

The injection molding is a cyclical process. It uses a mold containing an accurate cavity shaped like the product.
The first cycle step is when the mold is closed. The extruder injects the molten plastic into the mold.
The second step is the cooling stage, the mold stays closed for some time allowing heat to be absorbed by the mold surface and the product freezes.
Usually, at this stage the extruder refill itself for the next cycle (plasticization stage).
In the third step the mold opens and the product ejects, in many modern machines the ejection combines robot operation to speed up the cycle time.

Some of these machines have several extruders and they produce complicated products with several colors or a combination of different plastic materials.

Sysmetric provides several solutions for these types of factories.

In a factory where the default material handling situation means that there is only one main material per machine and there is a need to add color or additive, then the use of BeltColor or GraviColor allows precise gravimetric dosing directly to the machines throat at a relatively low cost.
The InjMix continuous dosing unit is designed for injection moulding and is the perfect and most economical three material dosing and mixing system. The InjMix is specifically designed for use with automatic “sprue" grinding.

When the product requires a mixture of more than two materials Sysmetric has a unique solution named Super CS.

The Super CS is an extremely cost effective gravimetric dosing system that can serve nine or more injection machines with nine different blends and colors at the same time.

Sysmetric specializes in material handling Conveying systems and Data Acquisition.


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