Thermal Solutions for Silicon Validation

Products Thermal Solutions for Silicon Validation

Sysmetric develops thermal management solutions for testing and validation engineers in specialized fields including:
– Semiconductor testing
– Medical devices
– Climate chambers
– Laser systems.

The new cooling systems fulfill the new market demands to validate Silicon DUT’s  under new validation temperature standards of 5W@-40 ºC up to 180Watt@ 110ºC.
Today the majority of integrated thermal solutions systems are based on heat pump (TEC) to achieve cooling/heating needs and water flow/fans to evacuate the heat from the TEC warm side (usually PCW @13-11 ºC ).
Sysmetric thermal solutions do not rely on Chiller PCW expensive facility investments and only require regular 220/110 volt 3 Amps outlet.
Sysmetric thermal solutions provide fast and accurate temperature change rate (heating/cooling) of 2ºC per second with a total cooling system efficiency of ~ 55%.