Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

GraviMan ™
Gravimetric continuous weighing unit designed for extruder output supervision, Gram per Meter control and precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line.


  • Extruder output supervision
  • Gram per Meter control
  • Precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line
  • No need for tuning or setup when replacing materials


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Semi-automatic calibration
  • Standard Omron PLC control
  • Single off center load -cell


  • Weighing bucket sizes from 3 to 50 liters
  • Max capacity of 50 liter 2000 kg/h
  • Extruder output supervision – Receives the extruder RPM via digital or analog interface, displays the extruder output rate on a display panel
  • Gram per Meter control – Measures the extruder capacity, receives the line speed via digital or analog interface and adjusts the extruder’s RPM to maintain the correct gram/meter
  • Precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line – The PLC receives the total desired output from the extruder’s operation control and each extruder’s RPM is then regulated according to the desired percentage while maintaining the total output

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