Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

CD Plus™
The CD Plus™ Series are  standard CD-400 and CD-800 dosing systems with the addition of an automatic self recycling screw. They are specificaly designed for extrusion inline machines and continuous edge trimming lines


  • Special engineering structure for automatic self recycling
  • Up to 6 components
  • Modular construction for maximum flexibility and efficiency
  • Modular extension hoppers for different component capacities
  • No need for tuning or setup when replacing raw materials
  • Integrated vertical mixer for superior mixing
  • Easy, “plug & play” installation
  • Easy material change


  • Color touch screen for monitoring and programming
  • Alarms: material flow and electrical faults
  • Optional combination of CD with Beltcolor™/Gravicolor™
  • Optional host link interface for integration with Vision software
  • Optional remote operator panel
  • Optional closed loop line control
  • Optional vacuum control


CD Model Max Capacity *


Batch Size


Mixer Volume [Liter]

(mixed material)

CD-400 400 9 20
CD-800 800 20 60
CD-800HD200 1000 50 60
CD-800HD400 1200 50 100
  • ±0.1% dosing accuracy
  • Main component percentage range: 0% or 20-100%
  • Other component percentage range: 0-100%
  • Automatic adaptive tuning
  • Single off-center load cell weighing unit
  • 5 pole analog LP filter, digital F.I.R filter
  • Weighing resolution 1/10,000
  • Semi-automatic weighing calibration

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