Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

ABC ™  (Advanced Bubble Control) for fully automatic IBC and cage control.
The latest digital internal bubble cooling system developed by Sysmetric, has already seen over two years of successful activity. This system is part of the Sysmetric comprehensive line and profile control models.
The unique Sysmetric system employs 8 ultrasonic sensors (as opposed to 5 sensors to be found in most systems on the market), a Sysmetric designed dedicated “sensor-controller” circuit board, a new digital  balancing valve developed by Sysmetric operated by a servo step motor and a unique control method called modeling.
All of these features ensure both highly accurate width control and fast reaction times.


  • Fully automatic control over the IBC (Internal Bubble Cooling) blowers and the balancing valve along with the calibrator cage size thus automatically achieving the desired lay-flat width
  • Allows continuous changes of any product parameter and/or line operation during production while maintaining superior accuracy of the bubble size
  • Calibrator cage position control (cage diameter)
  • Bubble/Cage pressure control (bubble to cage gap)
  • Digital reading and control for superior accuracy and zero calibration
  • Modeling control technique – ultra fast and stable width changes
  • Optional automatic width calibration via communication with the web-guide system


  • Easy installation, wiring and tuning
  • Servo operated air balancing valve
  • Unique electric circuit for fast and accurate digital measurements
  • Atmospheric compensation to maintain accurate and uniform lay-flat width over time
  • Standard industrial PLC control with color touch-screen HMI


  • Eight digital ultrasonic sensors for measuring the bubble size and cage position.

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