Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

The Sysmetric Air Flow Regulation Profile Control uses linear step motor actuators for positioning valves that regulate the air flow in profile control systems for Blown Film Production Lines. These actuators have a dedicated Sysmetric designed motor driver electronic circuit that positions actuators within the air ring system increasing or decreasing the air flow in each segment of the bubble both quickly and precisely. Used in combination with our high technology control software, accurate and consistent adjustment is achieved irrespective of product dimensions and consistent results are guaranteed. These unique units, connected in series via a twin bus connector, greatly simplify the installation and operation of the profile control rings.


  • Reduces 2 sigma value by at least half
  • Improves downstream quality production
  • Removes eccentricity improving all post-processing: Converting, printing, slitting, lamination, automatic packaging systems etc.
  • The Profile Control System allows programming and continuous monitoring of the bubble profile
  • The dedicated software enables easy set up of the cooling ring air motors including motor ID programming and homing procedure.


  • Operation and control over RS485 communication
  • Installation in series minimizes and eases wiring (Twin Bus connector)
  • Plug connector simplifies motor replacement
  • Low power standby mode prevents heating the air ring
  • Temperature measurement


  • Step motor actuators with 0.003mm linear resolution
  • Up to 255 motors on one ring
  • Single 4 wire cable for power and communication
  • Galvanic isolation

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