Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

Continuous dosing unit designed for injection moulding. The perfect and most economical three material dosing and mixing system. Specifically designed for use with automatic “sprue” grinding.


  • Stainless steel machine hopper with vertical cascade mixer for perfectly homogenized mix
  • BeltColor or GraviColor integrated gravimetric M/B doser


  • Stainless steel hopper loader with proportional valve
  • For capacity of up to 900 kg/hr
  • Loss in weight technology
  • Dedicated SMART PLC control
  • Backlit graphical display with keypad and function keys
  • Multi-language interface
  • During every vacuum cycle the hopper loader first loads the “Sprue” from the dedicated grinder. Once the grinder is empty the proportional valve switches to the main material source for the remaining loading time.
  • The vertical mixer ensures that both ingredients are properly mixed. The hopper mixer holds approximately 4 cycle loads for greater mixing accuracy.
  • The GraviColor / BeltColor add its additive directly into the machine throat during “plastification” time.


  • InjMix 20: 60 Kg/Hour [132Lb/Hr] 20 liter
  • InjMix 45: 450 Kg/Hour [990Lb/Hr] 45 liter
  • InjMix 60: 900 Kg/Hour [1980Lb/Hr] 60 liter

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