Gravimetric Blending & Line Control, Vision MES Software

Vision MES Injection ™
Vision MES software for injection process control:
The Injection module of the Vision MES software manages and controls production floors with plastic injection machines.
The software includes monitoring and data acquisition for injection molding plants and extensive report generation of all data. Supervising and data acquisition of injection machines providing data on: cycle times, number of cycles, machine status, product rejects, mold overlapping and raw material consumption per machine.
Easy application of work orders to machine via Gantt chart.
Extensive report generation of all data. test test


  • View factory status – machine and work order status
  • Straightforward presentation of all machines’ status
  • Data acquisition and data history. Full details throughout manufacturing orders of number of products injected, number of rejected products, number and type of machine faults etc.
  • Full tracking of each machine throughout production allowing analysis of setup times, of machine faults and stops, machine efficiency, the efficiency of the product planning and control in allocating Machine Orders etc.
  • The program and all of its features can be run from each computer in the factory network
  • Modular system enabling the easy addition of machines
  • Vision MES Mobile provides 24/7 connection and control with the factory floor


  • Recipe management – the saving and subsequent loading of recipes according to Production Orders
  • Extensive flexible reports based on acquired data
  • Works with external ERP, can import production orders and export performance reports
  • Vision MES app: Application for smartphones and tablets

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