Gravimetric Blending & Line Control, Vision MES Software

Vision MES Extrusion ™
Vision MES software for extrusion process control:
The Extrusion module of the Vision MES software provides dosing units and line control software. The software includes supervising and data acquisition of dosing machines for extruders, designation of raw material in work orders and formula control and extensive report generation of all data.
All Vision MES modules can integrate with the factory ERP to import and execute work orders and export production data.


  • Supervision and extensive data acquistion of dosing machines and extruders
  • Full monitoring and control of dosing systems and line values
  • Bi-directional communication with the plant ERP
  • Extensive flexible reports based on acquired data
  • Vision MES Mobile provides 24/7 connection and control with the factory floor


  • A single PC can control all of the production machines
  • Software can be installed in several plant computers at no additional cost
  • Easy addition of new machines to the modular system
  • Management of the work order queue
  • Recipe management – saves set points for later use
  • Password protected software
  • Vision MES app: Application for smartphones and tablets

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