Plastics Material Handling

Sysmetric manufactures a wide range of hopper loaders for central vacuum systems

The Sysmetric S series hopper loaders are made of stainless steel and provide capacities of up to 40 liters.


  • Made of 304 Stainless Steel
  • Size range from 2 to 40 liters
  • For granules and powders
  • Material inlet pipe 50, 60, 63 or 76mm
  • Automatic pendulum flap with magnetic sensor
  • Non-return flap on the material inlet pipe


  • Material level proximity sensor
  • Optional dust filter with automatic cleaning for powder conveying
  • Optional automatic “Blow-Back” for self cleaning
  • Optional proportional-valve
  • Optional multi directional hinged lid


  • S160: Granules Capacity – 1.5l
  • S230: Granules Capacity – 7l
  • S300: Granules Capacity – 14l
  • S300H: Granules Capacity – 28l, Powder Capacity 14l
  • S380: Granules Capacity – 40l, Powder Capacity 25l

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