Thermal Solutions for Silicon Validation

The DTC (Desktop Chamber) is a thermal solution designed to be used as laboratory equipment that controls the temperature of PCB’s (Printed Circuit Board) in a small chamber and maintains a temperature range between 0ºC and 100ºC.

The system uses standard commercial R-134A cooling gas refrigerant for cooling and Power Si devices for heating.

The Mini Chamber consists of two main components:
1. The chamber where the PCB is evaluated
2. Control unit that controls the Chamber’s temperature.


  • New cooling/heating system validates PCB and Si components in temperature ranges of 0 ºC up to 100ºC
  • Total cooling system efficiency of ~ 55%


  • Cooling power range of the chamber is 100W@0ºC and heating power is 200w@/100 ºC
  • Temperature change rate (hot/cold) is approximately 15ºC per minute when the Chamber is empty. (6 minutes from 0ºC to 100ºC).
  • Bidirectional interface for chamber Air Temperature or T-junction
  • Moisture/water collection. In case of liquid build up as a result of condensation it will be collected at the bottom of the system
  • Umbilical length of cooling pipe between Control units and Chamber of 2.5 meters
  • Operation Screen cable is 3 meters length
  • Ethernet connection for data collection, machine control and remote support
  • Temperature control +/- 5ºC from Set Point
  • Can be used as a stand alone system or integrated with robotic arm for total automation


  • Chamber dimensions: 220 x 350 x 430 mm
  • Control unit dimensions: 350 x 250 x 420 mm
  • Internal Heat/Cool volume dimension: 330x220x500 mm (DWH)
  • Power supply: Single phase 220Volt 50/60Hz 3Amp Type H Outlet
  • All control activities and wiring use 24Volt DC
  • System includes internal safety fuse for 150 ºC OTCB. (One Time Circuit Breaker)
  • All system components comply with Rohs and CE and DuPont™ SUVA® R134A Refrigerant
  • All pressurized parts made of industry standard commercial piping

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