Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

LW™ Series
Continuous type loss in weight gravimetric dosing unit  for dosing and line control. Designed for extruder machines, extruder output supervision, gram per meter control and precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line.


  • Extruder output supervision
  • Gram per Meter control
  • Precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line
  • Fast control during ramping using Cotex Control
  • No need for tuning or setup when replacing materials


  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Semi-automatic calibration
  • Standard Omron PLC control
  • Single off center load-cell per channel
  • Additives feeding using screw and/or belt feeders
  • Belt feeders have the unique ability of 1:1500 feeding range


  • Weighing bucket sizes from 0.5 to 50 liters
  • Capacity range from 10gr/h to 4000 kg/h per channel
  • The main material is fed directly into the extruder using loss in weight hoppers. The measured throughput is used to synchronize the additive feeders.A special MODELING type of control compensates and reacts accurately even during vast RPM changes
  • The line speed is measured using digital or analog interface and the extruders are adjusted accordingly
  • Precise layer control in multi-layer lines. Layers are distributed by either thickness or mass proportion. Product dimensions can be displayed in either gram-per-meter or average thickness (microns)

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