Thermal Solutions for Silicon Validation

The Samson Thermal forcing system is aimed to be used as laboratory equipment that controls the temperature of a DUT (device under test) at a temperature range of -40ºC to 125ºC at a load of 400watt @0 ºC. The system uses standard commercial R-507 cooling refrigerant gas.

The system includes a condensation prevention option that starts to operate below 20 ºC.


  • Cooling power envelope of the Samson is 80W@-40ºC, 200W@-24 ºC and 400w@/0 ºC.
  • Min/Max Temperature range -46ºC to +125ºC.
  • Temperature change rate (hot/cold) is approximately 1ºC per sec (without load).
  • System includes internal safety fuse for 150ºC. (OTCB)
  • Temperature control +/- 0.2ºC from Set Point.


  • Umbilical length of cooling hosts pipes between thermal head and controller is 220 cm.
  • Remote interface using I2c communication protocol make the Samson act as a Master-Slave configuration.( Intec)
  • Defrost prevention system activates below 20ºC.
  • System will power off if head temperature reaches 140ºC.


  • The System is powered by 110Volt 60Hz (up to 16Amp at start up) and max of 8 Amps during operation.
  • All control activities and wiring use 24Volt DC.
  • All pressurized system is made of industry standard commercial piping.
  • All system components comply with CE standards. MSDS for SUVA® R507A Refrigerant gas is used for cooling.
  • System includes internal safety fuse for 150 ºC OTCB. (One Time Circuit Breaker).

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