Plastics Material Handling

Sysmetric manufactures a wide range of conveying and piping accessories


  • Turnkey projects including all piping and installation


  • Pipe Bracket: Exterior part made of 430 stainless, interior part made of rubber. Suitable for 50mm diam. piping.
  • Y Type Branch Connector: Featuring bayonet connection, electric isolation and automatic flap. Used for shared product pipes.
  • Pipe Cleaning Valve: Located at the inlets of product pipes. Activated after product conveying to prevent the pipes from jamming. Air regulator for product conveying is built in.
  • Proportional Valve: Made of hard-anodized aluminum with delerin plunger. Used mainly for combining raw material with recycled material using one hopper loader.
  • Air Regulator: To control air flow in product pipes in order to ensure both fast air flow and a pressure gradient in the pipe.
  • Vacuum Valve: 50mm effective vacuum path. Operated by a pneumatic cylinder
  • Air Cyclon: Used with venturi-valve type hopper loaders to release air. Available for 38mm pipes.
  • 50mm Horizontal Pipe Supporter: For the easy lay out of piping one besides the other throughout the factory. Made of epoxy-painted iron.
  • 50mm Vertical Pipe Supporter: For easy lay out of piping one above the other throughout the factory. Made of epoxy-painted iron

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