Gravimetric Blending & Line Control

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Gravimetric coloring and additives belt doser provides exceptional linear feeding rate and a very wide output range in one setup. Designed for extrusion and injection molding applications, this system features a built-in venturi loader, loss in weight technology and is suitable for granules and powders. It is easy to operate and clean and works in combination with the Sysmetric CD Series dosers.


  • For injection molding and extrusion machines
  • For granules and micro granules
  • Fast and fully automatic material adaptation
  • Reverse mode for easy draining and cleaning
  • Wide dynamic feeding range under one setup
  • Exceptional linear feeding rate


  • Advanced control algorithm (C.P.R).
  • Loss in weight technology
  • Integrated air amplifier material loader
  • Dedicated SMART PLC control
  • Color touch screen
  • Multi-language interface
  • Galvanic isolated I/O for superior protection
  • Isolated 10/100 Ethernet port
  • Integrated machine data acquisition
  • Optional remote PC control compatibility with Vision software


  • Capacity range with granules – Extrusion: 0.04 kg/h – 60 kg/h
  • Capacity range with granules – Injection: 0.01 gr/sec – 17 gr/sec
  • Capacity range with micro granules – Extrusion: 0.02 kg/h – 10 kg/h
  • Capacity range with micro granules – Injection: 0.006 gr/sec – 2.8 gr/sec

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