Solutions Rotation

This type of production combines the ability to produce complicated products of various sizes, containing internal cavities and combined with low production cost.

The production stages are as follows:

  • A sealed mold is made with its internal surface equal to the products outer surface.
  • When the mold is cold it is filled with a precise amount of powder-type raw material.
  • The mold is now heated to the materials melting temperature whilst being rotated in all directions. This causes the material, free flowing along the internal surface of the mold to gradually spread and form the product.
  • Whilst rotating, the mold with the melted plastic inside, are now cooled.
  • Finally the mold is opened and the product is removed.

GraviMold is Sysmetric’s system that conveys and gravimetrically dispenses the raw material into the mold automatically and with great accurately.

The GraviMold speeds up the cycle time whilst eliminating any operator errors thus leading to a huge saving of manpowerand material waste

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