Thermal Solutions for Silicon Validation

Mobile thermal solution for validation and testing engineers in:
– Semiconductor testing
– Medical devices
– Climate chambers
– Laser systems


  • No TEC – Thermal Electrical Coolers are not required
  • Does not rely on Chiller PCW expensive facility investment
  • Only requires standard 220/110 volt 3 Amps outlet
  • Total cooling system efficiency of ~ 55%.
  • Easy Kit/pedestal change to any package size
  • Fluid free, compact design
  • Quiet and reliable, very low maintenance operation


  • Temperature range: -40ºC to 130ºC
  • Cooling power range:150W@0ºC – 20W@-40ºC
  • Head size 20X20x50 mm
  • Temp change rate (hot/cold) 2ºC per/second
  • Temperature control Static +/- 0.5 ºC Dynamic+/-2 ºC
  • Bi directional interface for T-junction, power following and T-case Temperature sensors
  • Condensation prevention
  • No water supply needed.
  • Ethernet for data collection, machine control and for remote support


  • Head size 20X20x50 mm.
  • Umbilical length of cooling pipe 2 meters
  • System uses standard DuPont™ SUVA® 507 refrigerant
  • Optional Clamping Device. Accurate pressing device that compensates during temperature range. Pressure range is between 1kg up to 99.99kg (30gr accuracy)

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