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Blow Molding

The blow molding process method uses pressurized air to inflate heated and softened plastic into a mold (similar to some metal & glass production technologies).

The extrusion blow molding process can be either constant or cyclic.

Some of these products have excellent barrier properties thanks to multilayer production.

Sysmetric conveying and gravimetric dosing systems have unique solutions for this industry and when combined with our line control system they achieve simplicity and accuracy that increases both product quality and line capacity while saving you the costumer a lot of expensive materials and money.

CD Series
Batch type gravimetric dosing unit designed for injection molding and extrusion machines. The CD series dosers provides exceptionally good mixing of up to 6 components with accuracy of +/- 0.1%.
Gravimetric continuous weighing unit designed for extruder output supervision, Gram per Meter control and precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line.
Hopper Loaders
Sysmetric manufactures a wide range of hopper loaders for central vaccum systems. The hopper loaders are manufactured from stainless steel and provide capacities of up to 40 liters.
LW Series
Continuous type loss in weight gravimetric dosing unit for dosing and line control. Designed for extruder machines, extruder output supervision, gram per meter control and precise layer control in a multi-layer extruder line.
Silo Loading Systems
Sysmetric has more than 20 years experience in designing and constructing conveying systems that provide complete material handling including silo loading systems and pipework.
Vacuum Pumps
Central Vacuum Supply units for central vacuum conveying systems. Sysmetric supplies a wide variety of pumps for diverse needs and applications including LOB vacuum pumps for long distance conveying of up to 150 meters.
Vision MES Extrusion Module
Vision MES software for extrusion process control: The extrusion module of the Vision MES software manages and controls dosing units and provides line control. The software includes supervising and data acquisition of dosing machines for extruders.