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Thermal Grease

IC DiamondTM Thermal compound contains 92% micronized synthetic diamond, diamond is truly nature’s thermal super conductor with 500% better  conductivity than it’s nearest competitor silver. In the electronics industry, the efficient dissipation of heat is a necessity to manage the ever increasing thermal loads. As a result of the strong covalent bonds between the carbon atoms in a diamond crystal, diamond’s extraordinary conductive properties make it the ideal material for any high stress thermal applications.

Widely recognized and accepted by industry experts, diamond’s exceptional attributes such as its high resistance to thermal shock, high electron mobility, high conductivity, and it chemical inertness make it a suitable material for the dissipation of heat in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.
 IC DiamondTM contains micronized synthetic diamond in the highest concentration of diamond in any compound available on the market today. Each single crystal micronized particle has the same extraordinary thermal properties you would find in a larger industrial diamond.


  • Run cooler with superior performance
  • Run longer with superior reliability
  • Significantly reduces thermal shocks
  • >92% bulk loading protects against “pump out” from repeated on/off thermal cycling, a typical cause of failure with other (less coarse) thermal compounds


  • The thermal conductivity of pure diamond runs 2,000-2,500 W/mK
  • IC7-IC24 Heat Sink Paste is 92% particulate diamond


  • Electrical: CVDD is an insulator (non-conducting, non-capacitive)
  • Thermal Resistance: 0.25oC-cm2/W @ 100um BLT (Bond Line Thickness)
  • Thermal Resistance is inversely proportional to pressue (psi); clamp it down!
  • Cure Time is inversely proportional to pressure (psi); clamp it down!Optimal performance is reached after two hours of use at 50 psi
  • Optimal performance is reached after two hours of use at 50 psi

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